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Tattoo and Body Piercing in [City, Country]
Looking for a professional clean place to get a tattoo or body piercing done ? Well, your search is over. Tattoos and piercings at reasonable prices, clean environment, western standards.

[Your Business Name]
Tattoos and Body Piercing in [City, Country]

Here in Pai at [Your Business Name] we offer professional machine tattoos by [Tattoo Artist Name], body piercing and jewellery by [Piercing Artist Name] and we are open 11 am to 9 pm everyday. We do professional machine tattooing in all styles ranging from traditional old school to Japanese, full color or black and grey and any or all custom designs. Come by for a chat, we speak Your Language and English.

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First class custom machine tattoos by [Artist Name] in various styles.
Wide range of of body piercing jewellery to choose from and excellent aftercare advice.
We will supply each customer with a detailed aftercare instruction leaflet. We highly recommend that the customer uses proper aftercare products.

[Your Business Name] Concept

Our concept here at [Your Business Name] is to create tattoo and body piercing in a clean and sterile shop in [City, Country]. We like to work with our customers, to create custom tattoo that the customer is happy with, and that we, as [Your Business Name], are proud to put our name to. As the owner, [Artist Name] has a very high standard of work and ensures that the [Your Business Name] all adhere to his high standard.

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