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PHP Apps Useful PHP Script Modules

On this page we will list some helpful tools that that can help solve common problems on your website or web pages. So far we have an OpenStreetMap module with address lookup and an AJAX PHP solution for Insert, Update, Delete, and File Upload. These PHP scripts will help you a lot with daily tasks.

OpenStreetMap Bundle

This module uses Leaflet.js and pure JavaScript, no framework like jQuery or a Google Maps API key required. Address lookup with clickable result list, automatic longitude and latitude update, automatic zoom on marker drag, longitude and latitude input and lookup.

Demo to try :   Test Page
Price 0.00 €


PHP PDO AJAX Insert Update Delete
With File Upload

A solution for the common problem how to insert, update, and delete data along with a file upload without refreshing or reloading the page. File upload with automatic resize and thumbnail generation for images plus two upload folders for the original and resized files.

Demo to try :   Test Page
Price 9.90 €