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PHP Website Solutions for Small Businesses with Content Management Control Panel and SEO

Be your own WebMaster with PHPApps
Insert Modules like Tour Dates on a Map, Room Availability, Trip Calendars, or Online Stores on any Page of your Website with just a few Mouse Clicks.
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Easy to manage websites for small businesses

Tired of emailing your webmaster and waiting for website updates ? Well, these times are over...
If you want to get it done do it yourself. Our PHP website solutions come with a content management control panel that is easy to use and covers all aspects of your website like text, images, videos, PDFs, fonts, colors, and more. Update your website content from anywhere in the world in a jiffy. No more waiting, no more update costs. Automatic SEO according to your content. In addition to that the social media integration allows visitors to share specific pages of your website.

Compare the Speed and SEO

Here is an example we individually created for the international dive center SubAqua. The design is according to their requests.
Website (see how long it takes to load) : SubAqua Dive Center
SEO evaluation (search engine optimization) : SubAqua Dive center at SEObility
Please type in any other website URL to see how we compare to other search engine optimizations.

Only for Professionals ?

Not at all, the content management control panel is very easy to use. If you can send and receive emails or if you can manage your own social media account then you will have no problems using the control panel. Team leader Martin's 12yo niece is doing the online test drives here.

Search Engines (Google etc.)

What about search engine optimization (SEO) ? Don't panic, according to your headlines and content the control panel will generate all necessary titles and desriptions for a really good search engine ranking. Even the uploaded images and files get prefixes referring to the page content.

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of English, German, and American software engineers and coders travelling the world as digital nomads helping small and mid-sized businesses with their internet appearances. We create fast and stable applications which are coded by hand and not generated by one of those popular content management systems. We listen to people and understand their requirements. This means the applications are free of redundant code, lightweight, and very fast loading. We code in HTML5, PHP5/PHP7, CSS3, and jQuery (yes, it's still good) JavaScript framework. The database we use is MySQL by Oracle.

Available PHP Modules

With every job we do the number of available website modules grows.
Here is what we have on offer so far :
  • Complete websites with unlimited pages ready to run
  • Tour date manager with map display
  • Room availability calendar with guest management for geusthouses and hotels
  • Online store with unlimited categories and items
View the Apps

PHP Application Features

  • Ready-To-Use Apps. Install and it's ready to run.
  • Full Content Management. You are your own webmaster.
  • No Programming. As easy as sending emails.
  • Navigation and Pages. Create your own page structure.
  • Text and Photos. No limitation to text length or number of images.
  • Videos and PDFs. Beef up your appearance within minutes.
  • Responsive Design. Optimized page display for all devices.
  • Social Media. Let your visitors share your page content.
  • Automatic SEO. Your pages will rank well for your content.